Types of Toys

Miscellaneous Items

Anything from tractors, cradles, beds , checker boards to rocking chairs

American Girl

American Girl needs everything from bunk beds to Adorondack chairs

Rocking Horse

This rocking horse was made from 2×12’s and 1×10’s, dowels, leather (ears), rug yarn (mane), screws and some special items that make up the eyes. Eventually it will be stained in a dark walnut and finished with many coats of poly urethane varnish.

Pull Toys

These pull toys all have special motion that occurs when the toy is pulled. The bee has wings that spin, the bunny hops up and down and the train has action around the wheels. These items are all finished by using vegetable oil as a sealer. It does a great job bringing out the beauty of the wood – especially the walnut.


This group of truck pictures comes from a book I received for my birthday. The wood is all hardwood – birch, walnut, maple and mostly cherry. The wheels on the lumber loader were made in my shop. The other wheels were bought in a craft store. The old mail truck is really a bank with a slot in the roof and a door in the back. My 1-year old granddaughter and my 3-year old grandson have a lot of fun dropping coins in the slot and then opening the door to get them out over and over again.


I have modified the original plans for the train by adding an open box car for a little one to put “things” in the box to transport them.


Most of the parts are cherry and the dark wood is walnut.

About us

I enjoy making toys for my grandchildren. It started small and grew to more elaborate items. Many of the items are made from cherry, maple, birch and walnut. Rarely do I use pine since it is not as durable for the child’s sometimes rough play.


As a result , I entered one of my projects in the York State Fair and eraned first place.